Do You Have These Risk Factors for Heart Disease?

Atherosclerosis, the health-related name for heart disease is the # 1 killer among North Americans. But what is heart disease? Well, sclerosis means “hardening” and athero describes the nature of particles that clogs and hardens arteries. In time, our risk factors slowly increase but particular risk factors are important in figuring out if we’re possible candidates and they include our years, blood pressure, total cholesterol levels and good (HDL) cholesterol levels.

Warning signs
Low HDL “good” cholesterol
High concentration lipoproteins (HDL) absorb cholesterol and return it back to the liver for disposal. A normal, healthy HDL level is over 60 mg/dL. HDL cholesterol rises with workouts. We require daily exercise to boost our HDL and decrease our risk of heart ailment.

High overall cholesterol
Elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood can lead to atherosclerosis, which is the slow accumulation of fat, cholesterol and other particles along the walls of your arteries. It’s called plaque and it can accumulate enough to narrow and harden the artery. If the plaque is serious enough, it can reduce blood flow past the blockage. Chunks can also break off and cause a heart attack or stroke. An acceptable cholesterol level is 170 mg/dL or lower.

High blood pressure
Blood pressure is read as two numbers. The higher number, referred to as the systolic pressure, signifies the pressure in the arteries with each heartbeat . The smaller number, called the diastolic pressure, stands for the pressure when the heart is at rest.

A normal systolic number is 115. If your arteries are stiff, inflexible, inflamed or too narrow, your heart has to work harder and this will generate a higher systolic measure.

A normal diastolic number is 75 or lower. When the diastolic number is increased it can mean that your lungs, kidneys and liver are not properly detoxifying your body.

High blood pressure, along with high cholesterol numbers and low HDL levels should be taken as warning indicators from our body. Heightened homocysteine is a more serious sign and high C-Reactive protein levels should never be ignored .

In addition to exercise, products like MAX GXL with support the heart by supporting our glutathione production, ProAri-9 Plus which acts as a Nitric Oxide Precursors and Herbal supplements like Brown Seaweed Extract which support our detoxing will all help you support your good health.