Cook Food and You’re Missing Digestive Enzymes

Those of us who are familiar with and used to thinking about the value of digestive enzymes can easily forget that enzymes are important to more than the digestive system . In fact , without enzymes we would have no chemical reactions anywhere in our body, because enzymes are the potential labor force available to your body to run every needed chemical reaction. Without enzymes nothing works .

But food digestion uses a large investment of energy from the body in terms of enzyme activity . Since we only inherit a limited enzyme potential when we’re born and it needs to last our entire life, it seems sensible to manage our potential to manufacture enzymes and supplement when possible . One of the reasons that supplementing is necessary, is that our cooked diet robs us of the enzyme activity that would have been available to us from a diet of uncooked and unprocessed food . (And if you “get ” how we are missing our natural enzyme intake from our diets of cooked food, just think of how it affects your pets !)

In order to supply our saliva and pancreatic, gastric and intestinal juices with the many enzymes needed to digest our diet of cooked food, we need to divert from the supply of enzymes to our brain, heart , kidneys, lungs , muscles and other tissues and organs . According to food enzyme researcher, Dr. Edward Howell, the competition between our digestive tract and the remaining organ systems in our bodies might directly contribute to the development of a few unique chronic and irreversable conditions .

In short , according to this Doctor , who has spent more than forty years treating chronic problems -the depletion of our enzyme ” supply “, which is directly caused by our diets dominated by cooked – “enzyme dead” food, is a leading cause of premature aging and early death.

Since few of us will move totally to a diet of raw foods , there are two simple steps that we can try to address this problem . The first is to make a deliberate plan to eat more raw, vegetables and fruits replacing some cooked foods with simpler choices – fruit, grains and vegetables.

Another option – even easier is to get into the habit of supplementing with quality enzymes . Maximizer, which is a product available from RGarden is a multi-enzyme supplement. For people with problems like stomach ulcers, an even better choice is Gamma-Zyme another multi enzyme supplement that does not contain Protease ( for proteins) which can upset some stomachs.