Buy MAXGXL for Less – Max Loyalty Program

I’ve communicated to quite a few people in the last couple of months who are taking supplements – like MaxGXL or MAXONE, but with the US economy in the shape it’s in, they are all seeking for a good offer.

There are a number of aspects that contribute to the price of MAXGXL and MaxONE- (and you can buy MaxGXL and MAXONE at – the glutathione accelerators but if you’re acquiring these products the way you should – which is to have them shipped directly from Max International in full month supplies, there are some reasonable price ranges you can expect.

The present retail prices for MaxONE and MaxGXL respectively are $92.00 and $85.00 and in addition to that you should anticipate to pay shipping and tax. A better idea is to become a preferred customer which will allow you access to the wholesale pricing. The Wholesale price for MaxGXL and MAX GXL sport is $69 for a 1 month supply. For MaxONE it’s $75.00. That – pretty certainly is a considerably superior value than the retail and there are benefits to becoming a preferred customer – like entry to a truly exceptional customer service team. I kid you not they are the best trained customer service reps I’ve ever had the enjoyment to deal with. As well as the product you will pay a flat shipping charge of $9.95 in the USA and $12.95 for delivery to Canada. And there is the tax. I experience a great deal of resistance to remitting the sales tax , but you must recognize that a business such as Max International has representatitves in every state and therefore the company needs to remit the sales tax.

At this time Max International has an outstanding promotion for buyers who are willing to agree to a 3 month autoship. MaxONE can be bought under this new Max Loyalty Program for only $60.00 for a one month supply and MAXGXL can be purchased for $50.00 a month. Evidently there is a wonderful payback for loyalty.

If you EVER find MaxGXL or MaxONE offered for sale at less than $50 or $60 dollars a month, check into the authenticity of the product you’re shopping for. I’ve heard of folks who imagined they bought a month’s supply of MaxGXL for only $25.00 only to uncover they were shipped just enough for a week.

MAXGXL New Packaging

If you’re a frequent MaxGXL buyer you’ll soon have a chance to see the new MAX GXL packaging. Launched in November 11 and coming as quite a surprise to those who were expecting to see their favorite red box show up with their autoship, the new MaxGXL features all 180 caps in a monthly dose packaged in a plastic bottle. You can order through or

With the big, bold MAXGXL logo, there’s no question about what product is inside, but the people who loved to carry their afternoon dose of MAXGXL around in their pocket or purse in one of the little 3-cap cello packs will – I’m sorry to say- be disappointed.

I’m not. I love the new packaging for two big reasons.

My MAXGXL takes up less space to store- I moved recently and my new kitchen is a lot smaller than the old one and I really appreciate how much less space this bottle takes over the old boxes in a sleeve.

Less Waste! What a pleasure it is when a big company like Max International wakes up an stops wasting that cardboard (save those trees) and the non recyclable thermoset plastic from the old packaging.

Take your Pick – Boost Glutathione with NAC or RiboCeine

In case you’re not familiar with Glutathione, it delivers several important benefits for your health that include fortifying the immune system, cleaning everyday toxins from your body , helping to deal with inflammation and removing free radicals.

Free radicals are an important subject because the stress that free radicals cause in your body has been connected to over seventy four major disorders and illnesses and the main helper we can call on to help avoid the damage caused by oxidative stress is Antioxidants. Antioxidants are elements that can stop the spread of free radicals, which left unchecked will lead to an endless chain reaction of incomplete molecules that eventually destroy the host cells and the organs in your body . With the many antioxidants available to us , one of them does a better job of protecting your cells from the damage caused by free radicals and it’s the Master Antioxidant, Glutathione.

Glutathione is naturally produced by your body. Unfortunately , as we age, it slows the production of glutathione and -when you need it most, glutathione is less and less available to you . It would be simple to fix if it was possible to simply supplement with glutathione , but that doesn’t work . Oral glutathione supplements can’t work , mostly because as the oral supplements pass through your stomach , the glutathione is ruined by the digestive acids and is not readily absorbed into the bloodstream.

What works better is to supplement with glutathione precursors. These are the building blocks that a body requires to manufacture glutathione naturally . By providing your body with more of the ingredients it requires , serum and liver glutathione levels are boosted naturally – and considerably . To date the best product that I know of to increase glutathione levels is MAXGXL from Max International. However, it seems that this company has taken it one step further and introduced a new Glutathione precursor called Cellgevity.

Cellgevity has a proprietary compound called RiboCeine, which has been featured prominently in connection with MAX ATP (I’ll write about ATP later ). RiboCeine takes the name from D-Ribose – a a naturally occuring, basic sugar that helps the body produce ATP and L-Cysteine, perhaps the most important building blocks from which the body manufactures glutathione. While MAXGXL uses a blend of L Glutamine and NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine), MAXONE uses RiboCeine, because it is better able to protect the Cysteine in its journey through the stomach and get more to the cells, resulting in 300% more glutathione in the liver .

For people who don’t like to swallow pills, a month’s supply of MaxONE is only 60 capsules – just 2 a day to boost your glutathione levels so you can enjoy the benefits that the Master Antioxidant will deliver to you