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I’ve communicated to quite a few people in the last couple of months who are taking supplements – like MaxGXL or MAXONE, but with the US economy in the shape it’s in, they are all seeking for a good offer.

There are a number of aspects that contribute to the price of MAXGXL and MaxONE- (and you can buy MaxGXL and MAXONE at – the glutathione accelerators but if you’re acquiring these products the way you should – which is to have them shipped directly from Max International in full month supplies, there are some reasonable price ranges you can expect.

The present retail prices for MaxONE and MaxGXL respectively are $92.00 and $85.00 and in addition to that you should anticipate to pay shipping and tax. A better idea is to become a preferred customer which will allow you access to the wholesale pricing. The Wholesale price for MaxGXL and MAX GXL sport is $69 for a 1 month supply. For MaxONE it’s $75.00. That – pretty certainly is a considerably superior value than the retail and there are benefits to becoming a preferred customer – like entry to a truly exceptional customer service team. I kid you not they are the best trained customer service reps I’ve ever had the enjoyment to deal with. As well as the product you will pay a flat shipping charge of $9.95 in the USA and $12.95 for delivery to Canada. And there is the tax. I experience a great deal of resistance to remitting the sales tax , but you must recognize that a business such as Max International has representatitves in every state and therefore the company needs to remit the sales tax.

At this time Max International has an outstanding promotion for buyers who are willing to agree to a 3 month autoship. MaxONE can be bought under this new Max Loyalty Program for only $60.00 for a one month supply and MAXGXL can be purchased for $50.00 a month. Evidently there is a wonderful payback for loyalty.

If you EVER find MaxGXL or MaxONE offered for sale at less than $50 or $60 dollars a month, check into the authenticity of the product you’re shopping for. I’ve heard of folks who imagined they bought a month’s supply of MaxGXL for only $25.00 only to uncover they were shipped just enough for a week.

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