4 Super Immune System Boosters

Just like most other things the immune responses slow down when you grow old ,so you might want to consider immune boosters to strengthen this important function .

One of these supplements is Vitamin E. According to a study from the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, found at Tufts University in Boston , Vitamin E can slow segments of your immune system from declining as you grow older . This study was conducted on seventy eight healthy seniors , 65 and older and it found that 200 mg of Vitamin E daily for a period of 16 weeks triggered additional antibody production in response to tetanus and hepatitis B vaccines .

Vitamin E can boost your immune system by triggering extra production of our killer cells that destroy germs and cancer cells. In addition to that , your B-cells, the immune cells that create antibodies to kill bacteria are set off in the presence of Vitamin E. Another valuable fact – in research from the Harvard School of Public Health use of Vitamin E supplements was shown to reduce the risk of heart attacks by fifty percent .

Vitamin D3 which is produced in our skin as a result of exposure to the suns ultraviolet light is also an immune system booster .

A new health drink that has immune system boosters also features Alma fruit – something I had never heard of before . Alma fruit, which is also known as the Indian gooseberry is also an exceptional source of Vitamin C with thirty times as much as you’ll find in oranges. Alma fruit grows naturally in mountainous and plains regions of the Indian Subcontinent and can be found in many places from Burma to Afghanistan .

Ongoing studies are showing that Alma fruit can help to treat or prevent conditions like cataracts, stress , arthritis, hayfever and even cancer. Small wonder the local traditional healers consider it to have special immune enhancing and anti-aging properties .

Japanese scientists at Nagasaki University have discovered that alma fruit extracts prevent the growth of cancerous cells, with those in the stomach, uterus and skin showing the most profound effect. Alma fruit is a richly concentrated source of antioxidants. The active immune booster found in Alma has the name phyllemblin and it stimulates an increased production of immune cells.

The body carries many antioxidant defense systems , but within each cell a little protein called glutathione is incredibly important . Glutathione is needed for the proper functioning of immune cells, which protect us from viral and bacterial infections. Among people suffering from immune deficiency, glutathione concentrations fall well below the normal levels in blood and immune cells. When they can increase glutathione levels to those found in healthy humans is likely to help immune deficient people